Twitter Launches Customer Support Tools for Business

Twitter is making it easier for businesses to provide customer support. The microblogging site is rolling out new tools that aim to help customers quickly reach the right people on Twitter, particularly businesses with separate support accounts.

Business can access these new tools via the Customer Support page on the Twitter Dashboard website. There they can choose which new features to enable, such as unrestricted Direct Messages and the ability to show on their profiles that they provide support via Twitter and when they are available to chat.

For instance, all businesses have to do is click on the “Receive direct messages from anyone” box to allow all customers to reach them via Direct Message — including customers they don’t follow and vice versa. This makes it easier and faster to communicate by eliminating the need to request a follow, per Twitter policies.

Businesses can also choose to indicate that it offers customer service on Twitter. By enabling this option, the message “Provides support” will appear on businesses’ Twitter profiles and beside their account names on search results and compose suggestions. The message will also pop up when customers @mention the company in a tweet or Direct Message.

Additionally, support hours may now be shown on business profiles. Businesses can add their support hours manually on Twitter Dashboard. Twitter says this option gives customers an idea of how long they can expect to wait for a response and when the best times are to contact a business.

A larger, more prominent “Message” button also now appears below a Twitter bios so customers can quickly contact businesses privately instead of tweeting them.

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