Latest Dental Industry Trends in 2019

2019 is here and with it comes a new set of trends to watch out for. As a dentist, you might want to stay in the loop for the ways that dentistry is being changed. Most of the changes are technology-driven especially when it comes to the different procedures in dental care. Keep going to this website so that you know which trends to prepare for and use in your own clinic.

3D Printing

3D printing is a relatively new technology in the dental industry. It makes use of a machine that can create prosthetics anytime and in an instant. This means that patients don’t have to wait for a week for them to get their prosthetics placed. This is also a good thing for dentists because they can help more patients in a shorter amount of time.

Although 3D printing is not widely seen in many dental clinics, 2019 shows great promise to this new technology. As the machine becomes available to the market, more dentists will be able to avail of it.

Digital X-Rays

Another technology that you will see more of this 2019 is the digital x-ray. The digital x-ray is an improved way of capturing images of the teeth and gums. Instead of placing a film that you will bite into, a digital x-ray will use a sensor that will take high-definition photos of your mouth.

Apart from the convenience it will give to the patient, this technology will help dentists get a more accurate view of the damage on the teeth and gums. This will then lead to a more accurate assessment of the patient’s dental health.

Software Usage

The use of software and applications is abundant in smartphones and big companies. This year, more dental clinics will start transitioning to more automated and digitized internal operations. This means that paper forms will be replaced by online forms. There will also be a more popular use of the cloud as storage for patients’ records.

The use of software and applications will greatly help the operations of a clinic. As more clinics become aware of their profitability and customer experience, the move to automated solutions is going to be evident among them.

Online Visibility

And then there’s the internet. The internet has at least a billion users. There are a lot of information exchanges and transactions made online that you will be missing out if you weren’t part of it.

Luckily, dental clinics have realized this so they are now taking steps to be more visible online. With the help of SEO, dental clinics create more relevant content online so that they can be searchable. This will help them get more customers and spread awareness of dental care.

Social Media Marketing

You can’t be visible online if you don’t market online. That is why dental clinics are starting to create advertisements to be posted on social media accounts. Believe it or not, a lot of useful information is shared through social media. That is why it has become a powerful advertising platform for a lot of different businesses.

If clinics want to have a wider reach to their target market, then social media campaigns should be done. Social media can also help clinics become closer to possible customers. With the help of social media targeting, dental clinics can generate leads that they can convert into real customers.

Creative Customer Service

But dental trends don’t just stop where technology and the internet are. In fact, one of the trends you will see this year is a more creative customer service among premium dental clinics. If before, clinics were only places where you get checked, today, they have become a place where patients can relax.

Instead of just waiting in the lounge, clinics have created spaces where people can unwind before their dentist appointment. Some even have a customer service form where patients can give feedback on the overall experience (from the procedure to the design of the clinic).

You will notice that most of these trends involve technology. Needless to say, technology is the main driver of a lot of trends in any industry. That is why the dental industry is starting to transition into a more technology-based approach in treating patients and spreading awareness on dental care.